Software engineer with over seven years of experience developing and supporting enterprise applications. Active open source community developer.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — Master of Computer Science

College of Engineering - December 2021

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — B.S. Computer Science

College of Engineering - May 2014

Employment History

Software Engineer III — United Launch Alliance (ULA); Centennial, Colorado (April 2021 - Present)

Senior Software Engineer — Raytheon Technologies; Aurora, Colorado (February 2020 - April 2021)

Continuation of prior CI/CD pipeline work and baseline management automation. Administered Artifactory and the Atlassian tool suite. Assisted software development teams in the adoption of DevOps practices and ensuring faster, and higher quality customer deliveries. As a support team, we found ourselves in a unique position to anticipate needs across the rest of the program, then research and develop solutions before the need was fully realized.

  • Automated installation and configuration of factory tools using Ansible
  • Designed and developed an application to ingest file transfers between air-gapped development environments

Software Engineer II — Raytheon Company; Aurora, Colorado (November 2017 - February 2020)

Back-end Java developer on Spring Boot applications. Designed and developed a collection of portable web applications to collect, store, and display automated test data. DevOps engineer designing and implementing common CI/CD pipelines program-wide.

  • Designed and implemented standardized software CI pipelines using a Configuration as Code approach to create reusable pipeline elements
  • Designed and developed an automated process for tagging and releasing software for baseline management
  • Independently developed a collection of test tools and utilities for isolated service testing

Software Engineer I, II — Cerner Corporation; Kansas City, Missouri (August 2014 - November 2017)

Front-end Java developer on Eclipse RCP applications. Developed, tested and supported enterprise healthcare applications to automate clinical workflows and enhance user experience. Collaborated on a regular basis with both international team members as well as an external development partner in development and testing efforts. Designed and developed RESTful microservices.

  • Improved workflow performance by 80% by reducing service calls and parallelizing bottlenecks
  • Reduced maximum CPU usage by 20% through profiling and optimizing CPU-intensive code
  • Facilitated debugging and testing by independently creating plugins and tools for the team to isolate components and service calls outside the context of our own application
  • Identified numerous security vulnerabilities for other teams in applications across the organization during semiannual “Can You Break It?” events

Undergraduate Research — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Urbana, Illinois (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)

Developed a tool for automated testing of online behavioral advertising employed by ad networks to target users during typical web usage. Utilized this tool to aggregate data and to infer the attributes assigned to users by ad network algorithms.

  • Authored a Senior Thesis entitled “Toto: Understanding Targeted Online Advertising” based on testing results
  • Contributed an automated testing tool and research results to planned future research projects and papers

Energy Systems Intern — Argonne National Laboratory; Argonne, Illinois (May 2012 - August 2012)

Conducted research on crop fertilizer pollution resulting from increasing biofuel demand and production. Updated and revised a Java tool based on Argonne’s GREET model for personal vehicle emissions.

  • Authored “Nitrogen Fertilizer Trends and Use in Relation to the Production of Biofuel”
  • Advanced existing Department of Energy research through contributed research on fertilizer pollution
  • Sought out supplemental work opportunities to participate in software development which resulted in an improved Travel Carbon Calculator tool

Technical Skills


  • Experience in Java, Python, Vala, SQL, PostgreSQL, Bash, HTML & CSS
  • Some experience with JavaScript, C/C++

APIs, Technologies & Tools

  • Spring/Spring Boot, SWT, GTK, JUnit, Mockito
  • AWS, Ansible, Terraform, Docker
  • Artifactory, Nexus, Atlassian tool suite, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI


  • Security+ (Active)
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate (Expired Feb. 2021)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (Expired Aug. 2021)

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